11 Bit Studios delivers exactly what gamers want:…

11 Bit Studios has announced a delay to the release of its highly anticipated survival city-building game Frostpunk 2. Originally scheduled for July 25, the new release date has been pushed back to September 20. The move comes after feedback from players on a beta of the game highlighted areas for improvement.

In April, players who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of Frostpunk 2 were granted one-week beta access, which included 300 weeks of sandbox gameplay. While the response was positive, it lacked the excitement expected from a sequel to such a popular and influential city builderThe feedback prompted 11 Bit Studios to prioritize additional development time to address these concerns.

A much-needed delay to improve quality

In a statement on Steam, the studio explained:

“As we analyzed your feedback and prioritized what we wanted to add to the game, we realized that to do it justice and ensure the best possible experience at launch, we needed more time to complete development on Frostpunk 2.”

Main improvements and new features:

The two-month period will be used to make significant changes and improvements to the game. Planned updates include: Workforce management system overhaul: Improve the way players assign and manage their roster for a more intuitive and efficient experience. User interface improvements: Make the user interface more user-friendly and accessible.- Direct use capabilities for crisis management: Added abilities that players can use directly to manage crises, providing more control and strategic options. District redevelopment: Allow players to remodel districts after they are built, providing greater flexibility in urban planning. Zoom Stories: A new feature allows players to zoom in closely and observe individual citizens at work and in their daily lives, fostering a deeper connection with the city’s residents.

The introduction of Zoom Stories is particularly notable. It addresses a common criticism of the betawhich was the lack of personal connection with the city. The game aims to create a more immersive and engaging experience by allowing players to observe their citizens up close.

A commitment to excellence

11 Bit Studios expressed understanding of the potential disappointment of the delay, but stressed their commitment to delivering the best possible game. the studio said.

The studio plans to Keep the community informed of behind-the-scenes updates leading up to the new release dateThese updates will show progress on new features and improvements.

The delay of Frostpunk 2 underscores 11 Bit Studios’ commitment to quality and its willingness to take the time necessary to polish the game and ensure it meets the high expectations of its fans. something we don’t see too often in video gamesAs the new release date approaches, players can expect a more polished and engaging survival city-building experience.