8 essential mobile apps for your vacation

8 essential mobile apps for your vacation

1. Tricount

Are you going on a trip with several people? Tricount is a must-have! This application makes it very easy to manage group expenses: simply name your expense, add the amount and indicate who paid, and with whom you wish to share this expense. The application offers tracking of expenses throughout the trip, and clearly indicates who must reimburse whom and how much. Note that you can choose the currency used for each expense. At the end of your stay, you can make a refund directly via the App with Lyf Pay, or go through PayPal, Lydia or an IBAN.

2. Maps.me

Maps.me is an application that allows you to access a world map and use it without an Internet connection. In practice, you just need to download the map of the area where you are traveling in advance, to then be able to navigate offline. Maps.me indicates restaurants, points of interest and tourist sites, hiking trails, hotels, etc. Of course, it is possible to use it as a GPS when you are in a car, on a bike, on foot, or even on public transport, and you can also save places to go there later.


3. Citymapper

Citymapper is another map app that specializes in urban travel and public transport route calculations. The goal of the app is to find the best possible route, by comparing different means of transport and real-time traffic. Simply select the city of your choice, to access the associated map.

You access maps of the metro, buses, trains, trams, etc., and the application offers you different routes depending on the available modes of transport. When you start a journey, you get all the necessary information: waiting time before the next metro, stop at which to get off, walking route… all in a very intuitive way!


4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an application that allows you to consult user reviews of restaurants, hotels, tourist sites or attractions. From the platform, it is also possible to book a table or accommodation. TripAdvisor is a good option to ensure the quality of a restaurant or hotel before going there! Don’t hesitate to play the game too, by leaving reviews of the places you have visited.


5. iTranslate

This application allows you to translate into more than 100 different languages. Among the most interesting features when traveling: the ability to translate voices during a conversation in real time, via a simple microphone listening as well as the translation of text written on an image from the camera. The application also works in offline mode. Note: the voice and image translation features are paid, but it is possible to opt for a weekly subscription, at €4.99, after having benefited from a free week.


6. Packr

This application aims to help you prepare your suitcase so that you don’t forget anything for your vacation. When you start the application, you can add your destination and the length of your stay. You can also specify the type of accommodation, the means of transport used, the planned activities, etc. After validating your choices, the application offers you a checklist of items to add to your suitcase: number of clothes, accessories, chargers, toiletry bag, etc.


7. Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is an application that allows you to easily book activities: guided tours, excursions, tickets for tourist activities and attractions… The activities listed are rated by users, which allows you to form an opinion before making a decision!


8. Polarsteps

Polarsteps is a travel planning and tracking app that acts like a real logbook. In fact, you can plan a trip and share it with your loved ones so they can follow every step of your trip. The app uses a GPS function to track your trip, and you can document each step by adding photos, notes, etc.

At the end of your stay, Polarsteps generates a summary of your adventure, which can be transformed into a printed travel book. Note that the application also offers travel guides, so you don’t miss any of the key activities depending on your destination.