Affordable and infinitely cool: why Central Cee’s G-Shock will be the watch of summer 2024?


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Central Cee’s front row presence at the Louis Vuitton show last week during Paris Fashion Week caused a stir. He was alongside superstar singer Sabrina Carpenter (her boyfriend Barry Keoghan is a fan) and the two took advantage of the downtime to play Nintendo DS.

But it wasn’t Sabrina Carpenter’s immaculate white outfit, nor the British rapper’s total Louis Vuitton look (tracksuit, light beanie and sneakers), nor the geek moment that caught our attention. It was the Casio G-Shock DW-6900 watch that Central Cee wore on her wrist and which sells for around a hundred euros. This limited edition released to mark the model’s 25th anniversary has a translucent strap and a gradient dial that changes depending on the light. You can also see it in the video for “One Up”, among other jaw-dropping watches and jewelry.

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Any G-Shock fan (and there are many) will tell you that Central Cee’s DW-6900 is a celebrity favorite. “It exudes cool with its color combinations and collaborations, without compromising on functionality with its different time modes and iconic Triple Graph,” says collector Neil George. “This watch has been a favorite with celebrities since the 1990s,” he continues. Case in point: Tom Cruise wears a black DW-6900 in Mission Impossible 2.

Central Cee is enjoying exponential success, and so is his ultra-coveted watch collection: it includes a few Rolexes (he wears a rose gold Day-Date with a green dial in the music video for his Drake collaboration), a blue Richard Mille RM-011, and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. In short, our rapper knows his way around a watch.