General Issues with Wiko Phones and How to Fix Them


The Wiko View is an excellent phone, and I highly suggest it. However, like with any technology, it does have certain flaws.

Smartphones are complex, and creating a gadget with no defects is not simple.

Therefore, smartphone manufacturers may not always resolve all device flaws before release despite years of expertise in quality testing.

But don’t worry; I’ve addressed all Wiko View difficulties and their remedies in this tutorial.

Wiko Overheating

The SoC (often referred to as the CPU) of the phone, the phone’s battery, and the display are the three components responsible for overheating.

It is normal for the phone to get somewhat warm. You may use the following method to determine whether your phone is overheating.

The simplest way to determine if your phone is really “Overheating” is to place it on your ears and cheeks, as you would during a voice conversation.

If you are experiencing discomfort due to the heat, your Wiko View is overheating. Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

Wiko View Cooling Issues During Normal Use

If your device overheats when charging, go to the next step.

The SoC, often known as the CPU, and the screen’s high brightness, are the two most prominent causes of smartphone overheating.

When your smartphone’s CPU is used vigorously, it generates heat.

To maintain appropriate phone temperature and avoid overheating, the heat is transferred to the screen, which distributes it into the air and your hands.

The most effective solution is a firmware upgrade. Manufacturers address overheating and several other concerns with firmware updates. Therefore, I advise you to check for updates and, if available, upgrade your Wiko View.

Sometimes there are numerous firmware upgrades, which are installed sequentially. So, make sure you install all available updates.

Causes and Solutions for Wiko View’s Heating Issue

Expect to generate heat when doing the following tasks on your smartphone. Read the advice after each action to reduce its impact.


During gameplay, your phone will get warm. It is typical. Take brief pauses to allow your Wiko View to cool down.

Bulky Cases

Get rid of the Unnecessary Case. A bulky case may not always protect your smartphone from falls. The best cases are those with thicker corner thickness.

Buggy Apps

Ensure that you only install applications from the Play Store and that you only utilize apps from reputable developers.

Unreliable applications might cause your smartphone to overheat. Update your applications to resolve the overheating problem.

Lengthy Video Recording

Using the camera on your cellphone for an extended period rapidly depletes the battery. Unfortunately, it also causes your phone to overheat.

Using the camera’s flash will cause the Wiko View to overheat and consume the battery quicker. Therefore, turn off the flash if it is not necessary.

Operating anything Resource-intensive

Using anything resource-intensive might cause your Wiko View to overheat. Video editing, WiFi-Hotspot, screen mirroring, and streaming are the most prevalent resource-intensive activities outside gaming.

Repair Wiko View Charging Overheating

It is typical for a smartphone to heat up while being charged. The phone becomes warm because the charger must offer enough power to charge the battery. As of the writing of this article, the new Fast-chargers range from 30W to 120W.

Software Upgrade

Manufacturers may address most issues with a firmware update; thus, I urge that you check for updates and, if available, upgrade your Wiko View.

Sometimes there are numerous firmware upgrades, which are installed sequentially.

Install any available updates, hence.


Remove the cover when charging your phone. If you take the case off of your Wiko View, it will be able to get rid of heat faster and better.


Use only the original or compatible adapter. It would be best if you used a charger from the manufacturer or one that the manufacturer has approved for your smartphone.


When your phone is charging, avoid playing games.

As stated before, smartphone warmth when charging is normal and should be anticipated.

However, if you play games, the game will aggressively use the CPU’s resources and cause the processor to overheat. Battery and processor overheating together might be hazardous.

Avoid it!


If you put your phone in direct sunlight, it will get hot. However, we often do not consider it outside and charge our gadgets in bright sunshine.

Do not keep your phone in direct sunlight inside your automobile. Place it instead in the glove box.

Rapid Recharging

Disable rapid charging using the device’s settings app. If your smartphone lacks an option to prevent rapid charging, you may use an older charger.

The charging port may be broken if none of the solutions above work. Visit the authorized service location closest to you for diagnosis and repair.

Wiko View Screen is not operating correctly.

The malfunctioning of the Wiko View display is a serious issue that might arise while using the device.

The display is, as is common knowledge, the most important component of a smartphone. Consequently, a malfunctioning screen might be a big issue. New gadgets can cause this problem, which can be extremely frustrating.

Fix Wiko View’s screen problems.

There are several reasons why the Wiko View might be malfunctioning.

It would help if you first attempted to reset your phone. Try the following solutions if it does not work most of the time:

Unclean Screen

It is the leading cause of poor screen performance. The presence of dirt, dust, oil, grease, or liquid on a screen causes it to become dirty.

If your screen is soiled, you may wipe it clean using a gentle cloth.

Alcohol may harm the oleophobic layer of the screen. Hence alcohol should not be used to clean the screen.

Display Protector

Over time, screen protectors deteriorate, making it difficult for your phone to detect touches. Remove the screen protector and replace it with a fresh one.

Energy Savings Mode

Determine if the phone’s power-saving mode is activated. Power Saving Mode works by reducing the device’s performance.

This feature is often deactivated after the Wiko View has been charged 15% or more.

Water Damage

This is the appearance of a screen with water.

Sometimes water finds its way through the screen and into the inside. Occasionally it is apparent, and other times it is not.

If you believe your phone has water damage, immediately switch it off and place it in rice. If you power your phone when it contains water, components such as the motherboard may be destroyed. You will need to replace the complete motherboard.

Please leave it in rice for at least twenty-four hours. If it continues to malfunction, it is best to take it to an authorized service facility for repair.

Damaged Display

A broken display is one of the reasons for a nonresponsive display. The top layer of a smartphone screen is glass, the second layer is the display, and the third layer is the touchscreen digitizer.

Remove the case, if present, and check the phone carefully for cracks, dents, and discoloration. Cracks are simpler to detect in direct sunlight. Do not worry if you see a rectangular grid. The touchscreen digitizer is anticipated to be present.

If you see fractures, dents, or discoloration on your phone’s screen, it has suffered physical damage. In most cases, the display must be replaced.