How To Trace An Android Device Using An iPhone


Life is always changing, and no matter how careful you are, you might lose track of your Android device. Thanks to a lot of progress, you can track your gadget and lock or delete it from a distance to keep it safe. You can record an iPhone with Find My, but can an iPhone find a lost Android phone? Well!! Of course, you can.

There are many tracking apps in the App Store, including some great parental control apps for the iPhone that can track Android phones connected to it. But almost all of them have a huge catch: the app must already be on the device and have access to its location. But how many of us have a tracking app already on our phones? So, in this case, how can humans track Android phones? Well, Google has answers that are easy to understand!

How to track and find lost Android phones using an iPhone

Google has a Find My Handset app for Android devices similar to the Find My app for the iPhone. Unlike the other apps, this one doesn’t require the lost device to have the app on it. The service uses the Google ID set up on the Android phone to find out where it is.

Find My Device has more important features than just tracking and finding the phone. First, it tells you things like the name of the device, the battery, and the network’s name (cellular or Wi-Fi). The device’s IMEI number, when it was last used, and other similar details are also available.

As part of the security features, you can send a ring to the device, lock it from a distance, and delete all the information. To use these features, you must have an active Gmail account and Find My Device turned on on your Android device. Most Android devices already have this feature turned on. Go to Setting > Security > Find My Device to see what’s happening.

Track an Android phone using an iPhone

Using the Find My Device app

Find My Device is an app for Android, so you can’t put it on an iPhone or iPad. But you can use the service through its website, which is a lot like monitoring your iPhone from an Android smartphone; here’s how:

Open Safari on your iPhone

  • Type google.com/android/find into the address bar.
  • Enter the Google ID you’re using on your device and tap Next.
  • Now, type in your Password and tap Next once more.
  • You’ll see the main page for the device, which has a map, information about the device, and other options.
  • Tap where you are on Map.

Tap “Directions” if you want to know how to get to the device’s location. Before going out to catch the thief while tracking a stolen device, it is best to talk to the local police. Still, you did your part by keeping an eye on the phone. Let them do what they need to do by giving it back.


If the Android phone’s GPS is turned off, you won’t be able to track it. If 2-Step Verification is turned on, whenever you log in from a different device, Google sends a verification code to the device you registered with Google. The user is in a terrible situation because the device itself is missing. The user can still track their device if they have Google standby codes or a trusted device.

Using mSpy

With mSpy, you can keep track of any phone from your iPhone. It’s excellent for parents who want to know where their kids are. It also does a lot more than just track location. You will get a full picture of everything your kids do on their phones, from calls and texts to social media and web searches.

This helps make it one of the best apps for controlling kids, and the low price is well worth it. It also works with Android 4 and later, as well as iOS 7 and later. Here’s how to use mSpy on your iPhone to track an Android phone.

  • Sign up for an account on mSpy.
  • Open a browser on your iPhone, like Safari or Google Chrome.
  • Go to mSpy.com and enter your account information.
  • Set up the device you want to keep an eye on by following the on-screen instructions, as shown in the screen grabs below.

You will be shown how to use a special method to download the app through a browser and install mSpy on the Android phone. Don’t worry, though, because the method is safe and works. Once you’ve done what you need, you can check the Android device’s location at any time through your mSpy account. A monthly plan costs $21 per month, while an annual plan costs $5 per month.

Check the IMEI number of an Android device from afar with an iPhone.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) protects a great deal of information about your device, including its hardware/software characteristics and warranty information. If your phone is stolen, the police might use the IMEI to track it down and block it.

Here’s how to get the IMEI number using Find My Device:

  • After logging in to google.com/android/find, tap the I button next to your device’s name on the primary device page.
  • The IMEI, First registration, and Last seen of your Android device will appear in a pop-up.

This section also tells you the last time the device was online so you can check on the status of a lost or stolen device.