How To Use The Share play Feature On Facetime In iOS 15 On An iPhone


At WWDC 2021, Apple showed off many great updates and features for FaceTime. But SharePlay got me the most excited. FaceTime is directly competing with teleconferencing and watch party apps with this new feature. Due to the WFH situation, FaceTime has become very popular.

I looked into FaceTime SharePlay for a while. In this detailed guide, you’ll learn about SharePlay and how to employ it on FaceTime in iOS 15. If you can’t use SharePlay on your iPhone, update it to iOS 15.1. Before iOS 15.1, Apple turned off the SharePlay feature.

What is Apple’s SharePlay feature in iOS 15?

SharePlay lets you share your iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen during a FaceTime call so you can watch movies or TV shows or listen to the same song simultaneously. Everyone in the call controls what’s playing, so they can play, pause, or skip forward as they please.

FaceTime SharePlay doesn’t do anything that other services don’t already do, but what makes it special is how well it fits into the Apple ecosystem as a whole. So, it’s easier for you and your friends to share and enjoy different kinds of content in real-time.

What machines and benefits are consistent with FaceTime SharePlay?

Compatible devices:

FaceTime SharePlay will be part of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and macOS Monterey later this year. But the option is also available on all operating systems’ developer beta versions. If you have an Apple developer account, it’s easy to install beta versions on devices that can handle them. I think you should wait until the public beta is out.

Apps and services that are compatible:

SharePlay also works with Apple Music and very few other streaming platforms like Disney+, TikTok, HBO Max, and more at the time this article was written. The list will likely get longer in the coming months as more developers use the Group Activities API to add their services to FaceTime. Now that you know how to use this feature follow along.

How to share your screen using FaceTime in iOS 15

As you may already know, “screen sharing” means that you can show other people what’s on your screen in real-time using a video conferencing app like Zoom. FaceTime’s SharePlay feature now lets you do all of this and more.

This is how:

  • FaceTime is on your iPhone, so open it.
  • Start a video call with anyone you know now.
  • You can also link FaceTime and send it to people you know.
  • Next, tap the Proportion My Screen button in the upper right corner of the new FaceTime control center.

How to exchange music over FaceTime with iOS 15

You can now hear the song with your friends on FaceTime, just like with Spotify Group Sessions. This is how.

  • Open FaceTime and make a voice call to anyone you know.
  • Open Apple Music now.
  • Select a song and press the Play switch.

This will make both devices start to play the same song. You can also invite more friends to listen to the song simultaneously, and everyone on the call will be able to control how the song plays.

How to get a FaceTime SharePlay party going

You’ll need the supported app and a subscription to the streaming service used during the FaceTime call if you want to watch movies or TV shows with your friends.

  • First, open up the FaceTime app.
  • Now, call your friends or send them the link to the invitation.
  • Open any app that works and play whatever you want to watch.

On each device, the movie or Television series will start simultaneously. Also, you’ll be able to talk to each other. Also, every person on the call can control the playback. You can also stream the content on your Apple TV while talking to friends on your iPhone.

Can Android and Windows both support FaceTime SharePlay?

SharePlay is only on Apple devices right now. You can’t share your screen, play music or stream content with an Android or Windows device over FaceTime. But with the recent update, you can now utilize the FaceTime link to call friends with Android or Windows devices. I hope this tutorial helped you learn everything you need to know about SharePlay and how it works on your iOS 15 device.