DayZ: Bohemia Interactive announces Frostline, the new expansion!



Bohemia Interactive officially announces the development of the second extension of DayZ, Frostline, which is set to transform the survival experience this fall. Through the exploration of the Sakhal Archipelago, the new content promises to push players’ limits in a winter landscape filled with danger and adventure.

In an area that covers more than 80km², survivors will discover a snowy landscape, between thick forests and frozen lakes, as beautiful as it is dangerous. The expansion will introduce new survival dynamics, and players will have to manage their heat and resources while exploring innovative structures, places containing secrets and facing new animals adapted to the cold.

Main features of the Frostline extension:

  • A new terrain: discover an immaculate archipelago where time seems frozen.
  • A winter landscape: travel through a winter setting.
  • More challenging survival: manage your heat and hunt for food.
  • Environmental risks: discover the risks linked to volcanic zones.
  • Richer wildlife: meet new species adapted to the cold.
  • New gameplay mechanics: face new diseases and take advantage of improved fishing mechanics.
  • Winter cosmetics: dress for the season with winter-themed cosmetics.