Demon Slayer could turn the final arc into a movie…

Demon Slayer could turn the final arc into a movie…

Demon Slayer is coming to an end and a recent leak suggests that the anime could end with a trilogy of films.

Demon Slayer has become one of the most beloved anime series, captivating fans over the course of four seasons. As Tanjiro Kamado’s story slowly comes to a close, fans are hoping for an ending that lives up to the series’ high standards.

With the fourth season currently airing episode by episode, the anticipation around the series has reached new heights. Now, new rumors of a trilogy of films to conclude the saga only add to the excitement.

Demon Slayer: rumors about the cinematic trilogy

Demon Slayer has established itself as one of the most popular anime series since its manga first released in 2016. While it may not surpass iconic classics like Dragon Ball or One Piece, its manga and the anime adaptation, premiered in 2019, both received considerable reception.

Demon Slayer Season 4

Since the anime closely follows the manga, which ended in 2020, Demon Slayer is nearing its finale. However, there are still crucial elements needed to ensure a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Recently, new rumors about the anime’s ending have surfaced. A now-deleted promotional page on the Japanese website ‘Jump Victory Carnival’ hinted at Demon Slayer’s future plans – a trilogy of films.

So while we can expect more content, three movies might be too much, potentially leading to filler or new storylines. Even if the latter is not necessarily bad, straying too far from the manga could be disappointing.

A hands-on approach could reflect season 4, where additional elements have been integrated smoothly without compromising the distinctive charm of the series. However, fans are optimistic about the conclusion of Demon Slayer, as ufotable has already done a great job in recent seasons.

The ending of Demon Slayer is still up in the air, and it remains to be seen if the rumors are true. And to conclude, here is a fun fact about Tanjiro that you may not know:

Tanjiro Kamado is a big fan of pen pals and maintains correspondence with several characters through letter writing, including Sakonji, Senjuro, Giyu, and Tengen.

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