Eddie Murphy’s Ogre-the-Top Announcement: Shrek 5 and…

Eddie Murphy’s Ogre-the-Top Announcement: Shrek 5 and…



Finally, we’re getting a Donkey spinoff movie! Oh, and Shrek 5.

As Shrek approaches its 23rd birthday, Eddie Murphy has announced some very big news. The beloved green ogre and his hilarious sidekick Donkey are back! In a recent conversation, Murphy revealed that notNot only is Shrek 5 in production, but a Donkey spinoff movie is also on the way.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life

Eddie Murphy recently announced that production on Shrek 5 began a few months ago., and he is already in the first act. The plan? To deploy the First the Shrek film, scheduled for release in 2025, followed by the solo film Donkey. Given the success of recent animated films like Kung Fu Panda 4 and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, enthusiasm for new adventures in Shrek’s swampy world is higher than ever.

Shrek has become something of an internet legend. It’s not just about the films themselves: Shrek and Donkey have become iconic memes, living in Internet lore beyond the screen. Fans of the series can recite lines, remember scenes vividly, and, of course, share memes that keep the characters alive in digital culture.

So it’s understandable that millions of people are buzzing with anticipation, ready to dive back into the fairy tale hodgepodge that Shrek delivers so well. With Murphy’s charm, expect lots of laughs and maybe even some new quotable moments. Stay tuned, because the ogre and his adorable donkey aren’t done with us yet!