20 takeaways from the Apple ecosystem

Today I am going to talk about the conclusions I draw after writing more than 5,000 posts about everything related to iPhone, iPad, Manzana Watch… .

5,000 articles written in

This time I am not going to measure time in years, I am going to measure it in articles that I have shared on this website with all of you. A content that has made me mature a lot in terms of the use of the device and the consumption of apps.

Everybody when they have their first iPhone he goes crazy downloading apps, using all kinds of features, trying to save battery so that the device doesn’t discharge…. And I, with everything that I have lived during these 5000 posts, I am going to give you the conclusions that I draw from all my experience:

Conclusions on the use of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch… after more than 5,000 written posts:

I am going to tell you the 20 things that I have learned in the background that I have regarding everything related to Apple devices.

  • There are no better apps than the native ones from Apple.
  • I only download third-party applications that add value to my work and my day to day and that are not available natively, for example banking apps, messaging, social networks, video editors… .
  • Never download “substitutes” for official apps.
  • Never download apps outside of the App Store. I had a bad experience at the beginning of using iPhone that made me lose photos, contacts, notes… .
  • Do not install profiles you don’t know.
  • Install iOS updates as soon as possible. When they are released, apart from adding new features, they add fixes and improvements to security, which is what really matters at this point in time.
  • After updating to a new iOS… close all apps and reboot device… FOREVER!!!.
  • Every year or at most every 2 years, with the release of new iOS versions in September, I save iCloud photos to an external hard drive to free up iCloud space, back up my iPhone, and restore the device.
  • For private topics like notes, contacts, photos… I only use iCloud. It gives me a plus of privacy and I know that all this content is held by the company that provides me with the devices I use. I’m not one to spread it all out there.
  • The Apple ecosystem is the best I’ve ever tried. Few fissures, private, safe… and although it needs to improve some other things, such as the subject of the photographs, it offers me everything I need to work and for my leisure time.
  • Never have all the apps in view, only the most used. This prevents you from not stopping accessing applications simply by seeing them on the screen. Since I only have visible the ones I use the most and all the others in the list of apps… I enjoy life more 😜 .
  • Do not stop using the iPhone or functions of it because the battery is going to run out. Today the battery of Apple devices, if they are in good condition, last more than a day. If you consume it before night falls… you use the iPhone a lot and that’s not good hehehehe.
  • Do not charge the iPhone overnight. It is not that it is bad or good, what happens is that it can be charged perfectly for about 2-3 hours in which the device is not going to be used and in this way you avoid having it connected to the mains for more hours. If the optimized charging function works perfectly for you, you can perfectly leave it charging all night. If not, I don’t recommend doing it. Apple itself created the optimized charging function to reduce the deterioration of batteries. I do charge in installments and since I do it like this, I don’t see anything wrong.
  • If you have an iPhone it is recommended to have an Apple Watch. It allows you to be independent from the iPhone when responding to messages, WhatsApp, mail, making calls… . For me it is essential since during the day, I rarely pick up the iPhone. I just use it when I’m at home quietly or I have to do something that I can’t with the Apple Watch.
  • The Apple Watch is a device that, in addition to giving you independence from the iPhone, is a great tool for health issues and motivates you to do sports. Let them tell me and the “sports” competitions that I have with my wife and some friends… hahahaha.
  • Not everything Apple launches is the best on the market. What is certain is that everything that it puts on sale is of the highest quality, except for some accessories such as iPhone covers. In addition, Apple’s support and customer service is a real wonder.
  • Never criticize any product launched by the apple company. My latest discovery, which I criticized at its launch, has been the magsafe wallet. I recommend it if you want to forget about the traditional wallet.
  • Possibly shortcuts be the best that Apple has released on iOS. It allows us all kinds of functions to make us more productive and even create small apps in an easy way.
  • Apple Pay is another of the best features that Apple has released. It has changed my life when it comes to paying. Since I’ve been using it, paying from my Apple Watch or iPhone has been a joy. I no longer carry cash and that is one of the reasons I use the MAgsafe wallet.
  • To date, the iPad is a magnificent device from which we can work perfectly, but I think it will never replace a laptop. It’s a great support tool for a computer, but I don’t think Apple will squander its Macbook and iMac sales by making the iPad the successor to computers. What I am telling you is that it is a great travel and leisure companion. It allows me to work when I’m away from home and also watch movies, series, play games… . For me it is another of the indispensable devices in my life

I hope that my experience has served you so that you can apply it in your day to day. I have many more conclusions but in order not to make the article very long, we will leave them for when I publish my 10,000th article, what do you think?

From here I just want to thank all those people who have read my posts, even if it’s just one, and thanks for joining me in this blogging life.

Let’s go for the 10,000 😜.