5 easy ways to increase your followers on TikTok

Do you want increase your followers on TikTok? With some of the platform’s stars making literally millions per post, it’s no surprise that becoming a professional TikTok content creator is a highly sought after career. Who doesn’t want to get paid jackpots to make funny videos and live in a mansion like Hype House ?!

While, unfortunately, not everyone can become a full-time TikTok star (otherwise literally everyone would), there are some easy ways that you can take your TikTok numbers to the next level and boost your personal brand.

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Here there is 5 tips to increase your followers on TikTok!

1. Find what makes you unique

Finding your own specialty is what will help you differentiate yourself on TikTok. Sure, when the platform started, it was enough to look cute and dance, lip sync or play pranks.

But now that the platform is becoming saturated with more people, it is becoming more important to stand out – kind of like Instagram! From chefs to calligraphers, there are some talented people doing really creative things on TikTok, and accumulate many followers for it.

Then, think about what your unique abilities are. Do you know how to make cute unicorn colored smoothie bowls? Do your friends always compliment you on your impressive writing? Do you have epic makeup skills? Can you play an instrument? Find your strengths and show off!

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2. Production value

You don’t need a $ 5000 camera and professional lighting setup to make amazing videos on TikTok. The beauty of this is a little bit how raw and quirky they can be, not to mention super short. But, making a few simple adjustments to your equipment can really improve the quality of your videos and make it look super professional.

This is even easier to do when you are at home in auto-iso and you will always take your videos from the same place.

3. Collaborate with others

The TikTok houses are totally on to something with their approach to making videos. They always appear on other people’s TikToks!

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These videos are not only so much more fun to watch (especially if they involve a dance battle) but they’re super smart because it means they have access to other people’s audiences. Since you can tag your friends in your videos, it means that your followers can click on that and say “ooh, she looks interesting, I’ll follow her” and vice versa.

You obviously can’t meet your squad right now, because of the coronavirus. But, keep an eye out for fun challenges that everyone can collaborate on with your friends, like the Makeup Brush Challenge that took place earlier this month.

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4. Embrace your personality

One of the best things about TikTok it’s how it encompasses the strange. Seriously, when has it been cooler to dance like an absolute jerk?

So instead of trying to be like everyone else, show your authentic personality.

If you’re a bit awkward, let that shine through in your videos! Super feminine? Don’t apologize for that! Are you a nerd when it comes to everything related to Disney? Make it the subject of your videos! The more you do well what you love, the more people will vibrate with your content.

5. Promote your content through other platforms

There is a good reason why all TikTok stars have Instagram / Youtube accounts and they post on them often. They are not putting all their eggs in one basket, because you never really own your followers on social media. And if that platform closes, you don’t want to be left with zero followers!

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Also, being active on other platforms is a great way to get your content seen by a wider audience. Try add your TikTok to your Instagram bio and posts some teaser videos there, mentioning that he posts more videos on TikTok.

You can also try doing some longer videos on YouTube, Facebook or Tangi, and link them to TikTok from those bios as well. The broader your network, the more eyes will be on your epic content! And most importantly: the faster you can increase your followers on TikTok.