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A flop called Super Mario RUN. Nintendo sinks

Super Mario Run appeared in the App Store and everything indicates that it has been a new failure for Nintendo.

Super mario run it has been a failure given the high expectations it had generated. Since Apple He mentioned it in June Keynote, we were all waiting for it to hit our devices iOS.

It appeared on December 15th at around 7pm and it was a great success. Nobody doubts it. More than 40 million downloads. It surpassed the already scandalous number of downloads of Pokemon go the day of its launch … then … How is it going to be a failure?

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When there is a lot of expectation for something, people have no qualms about downloading an app, be it good or bad. The download, the test and if it convinces you, leave it installed on your device, or delete it.

With the new app Nintendo It seems that many of the people who downloaded it, after playing the first three worlds, deleted it from their devices since the amount of € 9.99 to continue playing. This has caused hundreds of players to have given a negative opinion on the App Store. It currently has more 1-star ratings than 5-star ratings.


Today, Super mario run remains a leader in earnings in almost all App Store of the world. But let’s make a comparison with the earnings generated, in its first week, with Pokemon go! Super Mario generated a profit of 4 million dollars, compared to 35 million that it generated Pokemon. As you can deduce, it has not been such a successful launch economically speaking either.

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And it is no longer for the price of the app, it is also for the game itself. The controls are very limited and do not allow you to enjoy the essence of what the games of this famous saga are. They have wanted to innovate but, from our point of view, they have skidded. Many of the complaints from users who have played Super mario run it is based on the gameplay of the app.

And if it was not little, also having to be connected to the internet while we play, does not make users very funny either. With the rates that exist today in our country, and in many others, the limitation of download megabytes makes us play at Super mario run with some resentment, as long as we are far from a WIFI connection. In addition, the collection of data that users generate when playing is not very pleasant either.

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That is why Nintendo, In low hours for a few years, it seems that it is not going to raise its head with this new attempt to recover its users. The little innovation and trying to recover based on its old glories, it seems that it is stoning a more than uncertain future.