A Graphic Adventure in the year 2022 – The Great Fusion

If we like graphic adventures in the purest style of the Broken Sword masterpiece and you don’t know this game, you might like it. Is about The Great Fusion.

The game places us in the year 2022 where things are worse than they are today (future forecast), people with more money have more power and the poor are more affected.

We will be a young developer, Max, who will try to get out of poverty and improve a world where many pursue free culture. Come on, a sci-fi adventure as real as life.

The entire band will sound, like the hand-drawn graphic drawings, they are original. We can fully enjoy the adventure since it has a Spanish language (also English, French, Italian and German) to consume the humor of the whole adventure.

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The world, as we are led to believe, is unified and globalized, but in reality, borders are still being created and maintained separating the rich zone and the poor zone. The era of unification has arrived: “The Great Fusion.”

Download The Great Fusion

A science fiction game with a hidden criticism of society that we have to live today with corruption and other ins and outs of the most powerful people who run the world.

The creators have admitted to being tired of shooters and zombie games and now they have wanted to create something different and that reminds us so much of mythical games that today are not made so much for their handling, their brilliant visualization and humor among other details.

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