A new redesigned Apple Watch could arrive in September

Apparently a new Manzana Watch redesigned could arrive in September of this year 2022 in the form of Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8

all the followers of Manzana we have our sights set on what is one of the biggest events in Manzana. We talk about the WWDC of this year 2022 that will take place in June and in which we will see, among others, the new operating systems of Manzana.

These operating systems will be designed primarily for the company’s future devices. That is, for those who, presumably, will be presented in September of this year, being the iPhone 14 in all its models and the Apple Watch Series 8.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 would be the design that was leaked for the Apple Watch Series 7

of the futures iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, practically all the details are already known if we pay attention to all the leaks that have been regarding it. But of which hardly any details are known, they are from the future. Apple Watch.

We are talking about what, we imagine, will be called Manzana Watch Series 8. Very few details are known about this device that would replace the current Series 7. Little is known about the sensors since it could include a body temperature sensor.

The leaked design last year and that could arrive this year

But now the possibility that it has an almost complete redesign that would leave behind the rounded design that we are already used to has been “leaked”. It would become flatter and more square, thus expanding the size of the screen, as well as slightly that of the frame, which could imply an increase in battery.

If you follow the rumor mill Manzana, this design should ring a bell. And it is that it is the design that was supposed to have the Apple Watch Series 7 presented last year. finally that Manzana Watch redesigned did not arrive and stayed in what is the current Series 7.

We are convinced that Manzana intended to present as Series 7 the Watch redesigned. But that, for some reason, there was a last minute change. What do you think? Will we see this new Manzana Watch Series 8 redesigned in september?