A new WhatsApp update is available with interesting news

Do not miss the news of the new WhatsApp update since, despite being few, they are very interesting.

Little by little the guys from WhatsApp are implementing news through updates. Most of the news are focused on making the most used instant messaging app more useful and quick, and the news of this update will also be very useful.

A new WhatsApp update is available with interesting news

Update notes on the App Store


The novelties are a total of three and are as follows:

  • Possibility of pinning Chats to the top of the application. To do this, you just have to move the chat that you want to anchor to the right and press the pin icon. The selected chat will automatically be positioned at the top. This novelty can be useful to always keep in view the Chats that we keep with the people we talk the most.
  • Send documents of any kind to our contacts. All you have to do is press the “+” icon and select Document. The ability to send documents does not seem to have improved much, since before it was possible to send PDFs and .doc from cloud services.
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A new WhatsApp update is available with interesting news

Chat pinned to the top of WhatsApp

  • Finally, from this update, if we receive a large number of photos, we will be able to click and press on the pile of photos to move or delete them. This novelty can be really useful if we constantly receive useless images in a group, which will allow us to see them and eliminate them at once.

These three would be the novelties included in the new version of WhatsApp (v. 2.17.40) and, as we have said before, we believe that they are focused on making the app easier and faster to use.

If you have not yet downloaded the app, take advantage THE NEW WHATSAPP UPDATE and download the most used instant messaging app.

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