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AC: Valhalla players are trying to read an ancient language developed by Ubisoft


  • Ubisoft has prepared a real puzzle for players, which consists in reading the fictional language of the so-called The First Civilization;
  • fans of the series are coping with the task quite well and have already managed to develop a specific system for deciphering the given signs and sentences.
  • The creators of sandbox games usually prepare a lot of easter eggs, optional activities and details that can keep you in the game for many hours. Hidden content, however, is not always as obvious as we think and requires not only consistent play, but also advanced skills from various fields of science. In the case of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the developers demand logical abilities, semiotic knowledge and a willingness to decode foreign-language messages from the most ardent explorers. Ubisoft has developed a fictitious Isu speech and script.

    Isu is otherwise the First Civilization, and therefore a species of humanoid beings that has already passed, but left a legacy in the form of, for example, written records, which can be found in some places in Valhalla. Players decided to take up the gauntlet thrown by Isu and Ubisoft and tried to understand the language by reading individual messages. You can get to know the whole thought process thanks to the material below.

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    It is not an easy task, although the developers have left some necessary tips in the game, such as translated texts and photos on the computer of Layla, a member of the Assassin brotherhood. The Isu language cannot be read in one way as some notations are different. It’s hard for a written and communicative uniformity, since we are talking about an ancient civilization.

    The work on translating the individual messages is still ongoing, but the grammar and structure of Isu’s sentences has already been partially understood. You will see the results of the work, among others, in the graphic below.

    AC: Valhalla players are trying to read an ancient language developed by UbisoftSample message read. Source: Access The Animus, YouTube

    You can complain about Ubisoft when it comes to Valhalla’s initial technical condition, and some of you may not like the game, but it’s hard to underestimate the studio’s contribution to the production process and its focus on the smallest details, if we can even call it the development of a new language. We wish all players who work to decode it perseverance and good luck.

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