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Activate Assistive TOUCH on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and its features

Activate Assistive TOUCH on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and its features

Today we teach you to activate ASSISTIVE TOUCH on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This function is used to add gestures to your device, such as increasing the volume, taking a screenshot, locking the device… This function can also be used if your home button is broken (if you are interested in this function, we recommend you take a look at our TUTORIAL).

We remind you that by activating Assistive Touch on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, we will see how a small semi-transparent button appears on our screen, which we can place on any side of the screen simply by dragging it to the place we want.


First we have to go to SETTINGS, within settings we look for GENERAL, now we search ACCESSIBILITY and we scroll down the menu to the bottom and click on ASSISTIVE TOUCH and we will only have to activate it.

Now we see how a small button has appeared on the screen, therefore we already have assistive touch activated. Next we will show you the functions that this “menu” has.


This is our main screen, as seen in the image, from this screen we can activate Siri, we have the home button, another button (device) with which we can access all the physical buttons of our device and a last favorites button, with which we can create gestures on our screen such as pinching, turning a page…

If we click on Device, we will access another screen where we find another 5 buttons with which we can raise and lower the volume, rotate our screen or silence the device. As we have already mentioned, we can do the same thing that we do with physical buttons, but having everything on our screen.

If we click on «More«, we will access another screen in which we find another 4 buttons, with which we can access multitasking (we can also access multitasking by pressing 2 times on the virtual home button), shake our device or access to all the gestures that we have both created by us and those that come by default.

And this is all that the Assistive Touch function offers us, perhaps many people use it just because their physical home button is broken or does not work correctly. But we remember that this function is focused on people who have motor problems, providing them with a pleasant experience with their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you have never used this option, from the team of APPearls, We encourage you to try it whether your home button works badly or if it works well (you will lengthen the life of this button).

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