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Activate restricted mode on YouTube for iPhone and iPad

Activate restricted mode on YouTube for iPhone and iPad

If you want to activate the restricted mode on YouTube, now you can do it on your iPhone or iPad and thus avoid inappropriate content …

Today we are going to teach you activate restricted mode on Youtube. A really good option if we have children at home and we do not want them to see inappropriate content.

We do not need to comment on this streaming video platform, since we all know its functionality and therefore we are not going to say anything new. But it is true that with the passage of time and as videos have been added to this platform, more have been the search options, the filters or the content of the same …

That is why we bring you a way to add a restricted mode in Youtube to make sure kids see only content that we want.


To do this, we must access the YouTube app for iOS and access our account. That is, we must log in to be able to carry out this “filter”.

Therefore, once we have accessed our account, click on the icon of our profile that appears in the upper right. Now click on the icon «Settings», which is the gear.

Enter our account settings

A new screen will open with an extensive menu in which is the option we are talking about. Also if we look we will see many more functions that we will explain in new tutorials. In this case, we focus on the first tab that appears with the name of “Restricted mode filter”.

Activate the restricted mode filter

Once activated, we have already assured that the content that we are going to see from now on is suitable for children. It is the best way to be calm.

Therefore, if you were unaware of this option, you already know that you can activate YouTube’s restricted mode without any problem.