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Ad-free videos on YouTube, with the new ProTube app

Ad-free videos on YouTube, with the new ProTube app

PROTUBE, a new app that arrives at appstore, that we can use as a Youtube client and that, in addition, will allow us to see the VIDEOS WITHOUT ADSin this social network that so many people use in our day to day.

Pro Tube is the last client of Youtube coming to the app store Manzana, and it does so by providing us with all the functions contained in the official YouTube application and much more.

It has a fantastic design, very elaborate, and it is an app that offers us the ad free videos, and that allows us to select the quality of the reproduction, emit only the sound of the video, playback in the background and modify the playback speed. We can even manage videos from playlists without logging in with an account. Youtube.

With its unique audio playback mode, Pro Tube is the perfect audio player for your iOS device. Make this app your music player. Audio playback mode uses less bandwidth than video playback and offers higher sound quality. This feature is available in iOS 8 only.


Main features:

If you are a YouTube user, we recommend you try it. Just because they show up videos without adsit is worth downloading.

We can also use it as a music player, creating lists with your favorite songs and listening to them in the background without having to watch the video. In this way we will save many megabytes of our data rate, since the data consumption when playing a video with sound is not the same as only playing the audio.

If you find this app interesting, we hope you share it on social networks to give it the widest possible diffusion.

If you want to download the app, do it by clicking below: