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Add a photo in a contact on Pocophone F1

Add a photo in a contact on Pocophone F1

Adding a photo to the contacts of the Pocophone F1 allows a much friendlier use of the smartphone. In fact, it’s usually cooler to discover an image if they call you, than a simple name. So if you want to see photos of your dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, but also your mom when they call you, keep in mind that it’s easy to do. Indeed, we will see in this guide what is the technique to add a photo to the contacts of your Pocophone F1. We’ll see if you’re interested in what you can do to automatically assign photos to your contacts.

Add a photo to a contact on the Pocophone F1

If you want to see the photography of the people who call you, you will see that it is quite basic. To do this, you will need to go to the app Contact of your F1 Pocophone. When you’re done, you should find the contact card you want to add a photo for and open it. When you get to the contact card, you can edit the contact by clicking the pencil at the top right of your screen. Now that you are on the screen that allows you to change the contact, you will have to click on the boy and the Pocophone F1 will present you with two options: Take a photo directly egg choose an existing photo. If you ever select the first option, all you have to do is take a photo and then save. When you choose the second option, the Pocophone F1 will take you to the smartphone gallery where you just have to select the correct image. Once done, you have the option to crop the photo before checking OK. You just have to be more demanding with the help you give to other people. The photo will appear the next time this contact calls you on your Pocophone F1. You can perform the test to see that everything works correctly.

Put a photo directly in all the contacts of your Pocophone F1

Supposing you want to add a photo to all your contacts but don’t feel like completing it by hand, know that there is an app to do it automatically. In fact, there are apps like Contact Photo Sync that provide the ability to add a photo directly to contacts. Do you wonder how it works? Well, this app will directly search for profile photos posted on social network contacts. So if you are interested, just download and install the app. Then, you must configure the application following the instructions and win! Contacts will have a photo on the Pocophone F1.