Add pictorial effects to your photos with Trigraphy

Trigraphy will add different effects and filters to our photos that are reminiscent of different painting techniques.

Photographic editors have always had their place, but for some time now we have been seeing photo editing apps that follow the trail started by the Prisma app: the ability to edit our photos so that they look like paintings, whether they are known or not.

The app we are talking about today is specifically Trigrapy, which, through different filters, achieves the textures of different painting techniques used, some of them, by well-known artists.


Trigraphy initially puts at our disposal a total of 4 different filters: Azzy, Givete, Veddi and Izzy. Although they may seem few, we can obtain different effects from all of them if we click on the icon of the dice, while if we choose to press the icon of two lines we can choose the effect that we want to put on the photo.

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Add pictorial effects to your photos with Trigraphy

We also have the possibility of choosing different filters for our photos that we can put before or after establishing the pictorial effect, as well as the possibility of adding different elements such as rays of light or stars.

In addition, we can use the mask tool to mix the original image with the edited image in multiple ways and, as usual in photographic editors, we can edit the contrast and saturation of our photography.

Add pictorial effects to your photos with Trigraphy

The application gives us the possibility to print and buy our creations from the app itself, allowing us to choose different items such as mobile phone cases on which to print the photo.

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Trigraphy also has an effects and filter store from which we can buy the items mentioned above making use of integrated purchases.

The app can be downloaded for free and if you like to experiment with different visual effects in your photos we encourage you to download this FREE PHOTO EDITOR.