Adding a new image to the app requires a new build of the app

It seems to be true, that I have to build a new version of the app to add a new image in the appistore. So my application has the same code but a new version and I don’t know what to write in the update text for users. Its stupid to write “I uploaded a new image, that’s why you need to update the application”.

Is this just a design disaster from Apple, or is there a real reason for it?

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It was a slightly common tactic for spammers to change screenshots to mimic a different application. As a result, since 2013, it is necessary to create a new version of the app to edit the screenshots.

Ideally, you shouldn’t update your app version just to change screens – maybe you can wait until you really have a new version to upload?

You can read more about this feature in App Store Screenshot Changes – MacStories.

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