Altered Carbon – Netflix deleted the cyberpunk series

The first season of the series debuted in 2018.

Series Altered Carbon has been deleted. Netflix has decided not to order more episodes. Thus, the second season broadcast this year is the last one to hit the vision. The theoretically responsible company SkyDance may look for a new home for it, but the chances of success are rather slim.

Apparently, the decision was made in April this year. It is supposed to result from disappointing viewership results, especially in combination with high production costs. The deletion of Altered Carbon was not affected by the coronavirus. It is interesting because Netflix blamed the pandemic for abandoning the series The Society and I Am Not OK With This.

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Let us remind you that the first season of Altered Carbon consists of ten episodes debuted in 2018, and the eight-episode sequel was released in February this year.

The second season was warmly received by critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 83% of reviews were positive, compared to only 68% for the previous series.

The viewers’ opinions, however, were completely different. Users of the site mentioned rated the first season at 91%, while the second was smashed by them, reaching only 31%. Fans did not like the significantly smaller budget of the sequel, the reduction of the brutality of the fighting, and the abandonment of intriguing sci-fi ideas in favor of a more standard love story.

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It is worth adding that the brand is not limited to the series. In addition to the novel cycle that started it, the Japanese animated film Resleeved, which was released in March this year, and last year’s comic Download Blues should also be mentioned.

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