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Amazon Event 2020: Top 5 Announcements

Amazon Event 2020: Top 5 Announcements

The last amazon hardware event 2020 it gave us a host of new Echo speakers with weird spherical designs, improved Fire TV devices, and a new Echo Show smart display that can follow you around the room.

However, the main announcement was the launch of a new game streaming service. Called amazon moon, the service is a new competitor for companies like Google Stadia Y Nvidia GeForce Now. It’s pretty exciting, to say the least.

However, there were plenty of smaller announcements that were just as exciting. As which? Like security drones that can roam your home and Alexa Skills that will be tailored to your kids.

In case you missed some of these hidden gems, we’ve rounded up five exciting announcements from the 2020 Amazon event that may have gone unnoticed.

Alexa is getting kid-friendly

You may have been (understandably) dazzled by the new designs of the last few amazon echo speakers. However, its Alexa voice assistant has also received some nifty improvements.

Alexa now has the ability to recognize when you are interacting with children and can automatically switch to a child’s profile when it detects a child’s voice. That capability works with any Echo speaker, not just the new ones. Echo Dot Kids Edition speakers who are bound for the US

The personalized Alexa experience for kids means your kids can ask Alexa questions. But what else can you do? Well, set animal-themed sound alarms, get homework help, and call pre-approved friends and family.

Alexa can now help with homeschooling too, something more of us are having to try due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid-19. A new feature called Reading Sidekick means Alexa can take turns reading with your child. They also “offer support when they’re struggling,” according to the tech giant.

The new Echo Show can protect your home

Amazon announced its latest smart display, the new Echo Show 10 at your hardware event. You can keep an eye on your home while you are away.

With a built-in 13MP camera, the new Echo Show 10 has a screen that can be moved independently. In addition to following you as you move around the room so you’re not stuck in one place while video calling, it also can move around your room when you are not at home to detect intruders.

That allows the Show to double as a security camera. How? Through a live stream of your home that you can watch from another Echo Show or the Alexa app on your phone. Amazon says you can also “remotely rotate the screen to look around the room.”

When you put Alexa Guard in Away mode, it also you can receive smart alerts if the camera detects someone nearby while you’re away. Additionally, Amazon says that for “additional peace of mind, Echo Show will periodically pan around the space to see if anyone is in your line of sight.”

Are you worried about being spied on? The new Echo Show 10 comes with a camera shutter. You can turn off the movement at any time by sliding that shutter to close it. How? By adjusting settings on the device or in the Alexa app, or simply saying, “Alexa, turn off motion. «

Ring now has a drone that flies around your house

No, this is not a joke from the end of April Fools: Amazon’s home security brand, Ring, has a new drone-based camera that can actually fly around your house, keeping an eye on proceedings while you’re away.

Always Home Cam It comes with a 1080p camera and allows you to see multiple views of your home while flying on a preset route.

Once you’ve created a route for the Always Home Cam to follow, it can fly on demand or be set to fly when a linked Ring Alarm system detects a disturbance. Can only record when in flight, since the charging dock blocks the view of the camera, and it will make a noise as it flies, so you know if it’s being filmed (ugh).

Amazon Luna will have Ubisoft releases from day one

The world of game streaming just got another new competitor, this time from Amazon, called Amazon Luna, and great titles like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla they will be available on the day of their launch (November 10, 2020, in this case).

Other day one releases available on Amazon Luna include Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6, which suggests that Amazon has started a partnership with Ubisoft that will likely extend to more games.

Amazon Luna is set to take on established players in the streaming space like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, other services that also allow you to play games directly from cloud servers without the need to download them first.

Fire TV gets a much-needed new UI

During the Amazon event 2020 announced a new generation of fire tv stick, as well as a cheaper Lite version of the streaming dongle, but we’re more interesting in the long-awaited updates coming to the Fire TV UI.

Now, there are profiles for each member of your family, which can be customized for each viewer, as well as a new navigation bar, which includes the favorite applications of each profile, which makes it much easier to navigate through the interface.

Another new feature that was shown at the Amazon 2020 event was the Picture in Picture mode, which allows you to watch a separate video in the corner of your main content. This means you can watch a delivery arrive through your Ring doorbell without interrupting your TV show, giving you peace of mind that a package has arrived without having to open the door.

Being able to watch TV interrupted was an issue with the updated user interface; Now when you ask Alexa a question, the answers will now be displayed on small visual cards, which won’t take up the entire screen. Finally, there is a new Alexa hub inside the Fire TV interface, making it easy to understand, control, and customize your virtual assistant.