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Amazon Spring Offers 2022: how to prepare and where to follow all the discounts

Amazon Spring Offers 2022: how to prepare and where to follow all the discounts

Amazon Italy’s Spring 2022 Offers are now imminent: they will be active starting from April 1st and will last a full two weeks, until April 13. For this, today we give you some advise to be able to follow them at best: you can consult the brief practical guide that we have created in this article, with all the main information to take advantage of the offers and save the most on discounted products.

Offers section on the site

The first tip is the simplest one: follow our section of the site dedicated to technological offers. Here you will find all the articles related to Spring offers Amazon, but also many other discounts offered by the best online stores, flyers from the best electronics chains and other special promotions.

Offers channel on Telegram

Another very useful tool to follow all the best offers minute by minute is our channel on Telegram. Here we will report in real time all the discounts not to be missed, with the direct links to products, immediately ready to buy. Few frills and a lot of speed, but only real and verified discounts, in order to offer you the best of our selections. To subscribe to the channel just click on button following.

Amazon Prime subscription

The subscription to Amazon Prime it is not necessary to buy on the store, but in these special events it is certainly highly recommended, because it allows you to have two important advantages: free deliveries on all purchases e priority access to a wide selection of lightning offers, which are often among the most tempting of all. Of course Prime includes many other advantagesas you can read in our dedicated article.

Amazon wish list

There Amazon wish list is a very useful tool to keep track of the products you want to buy. If you already have some items in mind that you hope will be on sale during the Spring Offers period, we advise you to add it to the list right now, so you will be ready to find it immediately and check if the price has dropped. Each Amazon product has a dedicated button “Add to List“to be included in your wish list, usually in the right column. To go to your wish list page on Amazon just press the” Accounts and lists “button in the top bar on the home page and then choose” Wish list “.

Price tracking tool

There are several tools for the price tracking on Amazon, which manage to make you understand if a discount is really a discount! The two most famous of all are Keepa and camelcamelcamel: both show thecomplete price trend of each product and can warn you if the figure falls below a certain threshold, which you set yourself. On special occasions such as the Spring Offers on Amazon can prove to be very important! They work both as websites and as extensions of the main desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) so you can choose how to use them.