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Amerzone: the graphic adventure available on the Amazon App Shop

Amerzone: the graphic adventure available on the Amazon App Shop

Among the fans of graphic adventures the name Benoit Sokal it is known like that of Ron Gilbert (his latest game, The Cave, has also arrived on Android). Together with the French publisher Microids, the Belgian cartoonist Sokal has published, starting from 1999, various graphic adventures, some recently landed on Android. Just a few days ago we announced to you the arrival on the Play Store of Syberia, one of the most famous graphic adventures of Microids, while in the previous weeks it was the turn of Dracula And Dracula 2.

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Precisely on the occasion of the article relating to Syberia we have named the first graphic adventure that Benoit Sokal worked on, an adventure that made its debut in the last few hours also on Android: Amerzone – The Explorer’s Legacy (The Testament of the Explorer). This time though Amazon has managed to grab the exclusive on the game, which is currently only available on Amazon App Shop for different devices.

This time we will be catapulted into a tropical country, Amerzone, in the role of a journalist who learns the secret of an elderly explorer, Alexandre Valembois. During an expedition in the 1930s, Valembois stole a rare egg of a breed of bird characteristic of the area where the sources of the Amerzone river are found. Too old and seized with guilt, the old man asks the journalist to bring the egg, which has remained intact, to its country of origin, using the devices invented by the explorer himself to reach the goal.

The publisher Anuman (which collaborates with Microids) usually makes its games available on the Play Store as well, and it is therefore likely that in the next days Amerzone make its debut also on the Google store. However, we cannot be sure how long the exclusivity obtained by Amazon lasts. We therefore leave you with the link to purchase the game: they will be required € 4.49, the same amount required for Syberia. Also find the trailer (of the iOS version) and some screenshots. Good fun!