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Android 13: new tool to fight malware

Android 13: new tool to fight malware

Android 13 Beta 1 has just landed on devices Pixel (but not only), and we are starting to appreciate the changes of the new robot operating system, but apparently Google has other news related to the safetya problem now widespread especially in the SamaGame.

One of the major dangersaccording to the engineers of the big G, it seems to be the so-called sideload of apps, i.e. the installation of apps not through a store (a method that has always been opposed by Apple), which would allow malware to enter the device. With the new Android 13Google would start limiting the use of accessibility services to apps installed via sideload, thus trying to fight the phenomenon.

But what are the accessibility services? They are built-in functions to help people with disabilities, but they also serve the developers of for other features such as the call recording. However, they also come used to infect devices through malware.

But now there are a couple of considerations to make. There first is that malicious apps could still circumvent the new restrictions through the aforementioned function “allow limited settings“(images above), so maybe Google will have to make some changes in the future.

The second is that the new function it will not impact the application hub such as the Amazon AppStore or F-Droid, which will continue to have access to normal accessibility services.

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