Android 13: present the audio broadcast function via Bluetooth LE

In conjunction with the Google I / O 2022the second beta of Android 13 has also arrived, for Pixel smartphones and not: unfortunately this release it did not bring with it too many tangible newsbut digging deeper has discovered an interesting feature of this new version of the operating system.

This is the audio broadcast via Bluetooth LE: This feature allows one source device to stream audio to many devices. Put simply, it will allow users to stream their music to other nearby users (more than one), obviously using Bluetooth LE technology. As the code reads, “to tune in, users will need to scan a QR code or enter your name and password for transmission “.

Technology Bluetooth LE Audio allows you to transmit audio sources while consuming very little energy (on the other hand, LE stands for Low Energy). The API for Bluetooth LE was unveiled last year, but only with Android 13 will full support for this technology comewhich is why the broadcast will only be available starting with Android 13.

XDA Developers