Android TV OS continues to grow: over 10,000 apps!

Google I / O 2022 was really full of news And interesting information. One of these concerned the platform Android TV (here you can find our selection of the best TVs that have it), which has gone from 7,000 apps in 2020 to over 10,000 current.

The result is certainly due to the commitment of Google towards streaming, and although growth is largely represented by apps with more niche uses or minor streaming options globally, it gives an indication of the health state of the platform.

Google then did not give updates on the number of active users, confining itself to reiterating the 110 million monthly users data at the beginning of the year, and affirming its use on 7 of the top 10 largest TV manufacturers, including TCL and Hisense. Recall that Android TV is still waiting for the update to Android 12, and the first Beta of Android 13 has already appeared.