Angry Birds 2 celebrates its birthday with news

Angry Birds 2, one of the most famous titles from the developer Rovio, has its birthday and celebrates it in style by adding new screens. These are new levels with challenges for fans of this puzzle title to have fun looking for new alternatives to score points and destroy the scenarios. Rovio’s proposal tries to carve out a niche as fans of Android games are torn between Clash of Clans and Pokemon GO. Will there be a place for new adventures of the craziest birds on mobiles?

Angry Birds 2 turns two and it is updated with no less than 80 new screens divided into two chapters: Oinklahoma and Jaburgo. In addition, on a limited basis, there is a special star level that serves as a birthday celebration that will then disappear. On the occasion of the birthday, the levels are decorated with different foods and elements typical of a birthday celebration, such as cakes, garlands, piñatas and toys.

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Nevertheless levels are not the only novelty. There will also be hats to place over the birds, adding a strong customization component. The slingshot is another section that we can customize, and in this case the results will change the way we destroy each level. Depending on the modification that we apply to the slingshot, we will obtain greater power, better aim or greater speed in the shots.

To ensure that users return to the application, Rovio added the daily missions in Angry Birds 2. These types of missions offer gems and other special accessories as rewards that will keep fans of completing each challenge coming back to play again and again. Otherwise special prizes cannot be obtained so more than one player will play Angry Birds 2 daily to try to unlock all the existing items and powers in the Rovio universe. Another new detail is the avatars. The personalization of profiles can be done through the use of avatars and other accessories that we will get by playing day by day.

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Finally, fire rings can bring some variety to the gameplay from Angry Birds 2. When the birds pass through the inside of the rings, their destructive force increases. In this way they can definitively end the pigs and all the structures present in the level. You can download Angry Birds 2 from the Google Play Store and have fun for free with one of the funniest puzzle adventures developed by Rovio.