App to create musical rhythms from the iPhone and iPad

If you want create musical rhythms In a simple, fun and amazingly effective way, we are talking about an application that you will surely get hooked on.

App to create musical rhythms

Since we downloaded this iPhone app, is entering it and not being able to stop creating rhythms. Thanks to AI, it allows us to create music in a very simple and fun way.

Arenawhich is called the app, gives us instant inspiration, billions of musical results and guaranteed foolproof rhythms.

The app’s artificial intelligence technology listens to the audio source in real time and offers “complementary sounds” from the vast Splice catalogue. The result? A seamless stream of sound discovery that lets you stop digging and start creating, using samples that sound great together, of all styles, pitches, and BPMs.

How to create musical rhythms with CoSo. Create music from iPhone and iPad:

The app is super intuitive.

When you open it for the first time it will ask you to create a stack by choosing a style. A stack is a collection of up to eight looped layers.

Basis for creating musical rhythms

Layers in the stack can be muted and isolated, but the AI ​​comes into play when layers are added and new sounds are selected. Swiping right on a layer replaces a new sound from the highly curated selection made on the fly with Arena.

Sounds of the rhythm in CoSo

Every time you swipe to choose a new sound, the app offers sounds that go together by changing loops of each style, key, and BPM, depending on what you’re listening to. The paths to these sounds aren’t fixed, so you’re not getting anything predictable or inevitable, they’re just cool sounds that work off of each other, one after the other.

Once you’re happy with your creation, you can save it, duplicate it, and make more music with the same original spark.

You can also share a preview of your creation with friends and collaborators and download sounds from the Stack to your Splice library. For this you must register on the platform.

The app is free but in order to use all the features, you need to pay a subscription.

Without a doubt, a wonderful app to have fun while creating catchy musical rhythms.

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