App to download Instagram Stories on your iPhone and Pad

Today we talk about instdown, a magnificent application that will allow us download Instagram Stories uploaded by any user who has their public account.

instdown to download Instagram Stories

In the App Store there are a hundred of Applications who promise to do something that later, in reality, they do not do or have to pay for it. That is not the case with the app that we bring you today. Instdown is a great find for people who want to download Instagram stories from other users.

And surely you wonder … why do people want to download videos or photos of the Stories from other persons?. The answer is that there are many reasons. Because you like a humorous gag, a place that appears in images … or simply because you want to save it so you can watch it offline whenever you feel like it.

There are also many other users who download them and then upload them in their profiles and, the truth is, we do not agree very much with this practice. It can be done, but as long as we mention the profile that originally uploaded it. And what’s more, we even recommend asking that user for permission Instagram to be able to use their images or videos, if you don’t want to get into trouble.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business …

How to download Instagram Stories on your iPhone and iPad:

We download the application (at the end of the article we leave the download link) and as soon as we enter it, we come across its main screen:

Instdown main screen

In it we see two buttons and, in the center, a place to put a link. Well putting the link of a publication of Instagram, we will download it to our device. Click on the following link to access the tutorial where we explain how to download videos and photos from Instagram.

The button that interests us is the one that appears with an “S”, for Stories and that appears just below the name of the app.

By clicking on it, a screen will appear where we will have to put the name of the user of Instagram from which we want to download the stories.

We remember that it only works with public accounts. In users who have their private profile, you will not be able to download their stories.

After putting it, click on the magnifying glass that appears on the right and you will see how all the Stories uploaded by that person appear in a grid.

Stories can be downloaded

To download them on our reel of the iPhone or iPad, we must click on the Download button that appears under each one of them.

It will ask us if we allow the application to access our photos. We allow it because if not, the Stories and videos could not be downloaded to our iPhone reel.

How easy is it? Without a doubt, it is the easiest method to download Stories. A while ago we explained a method to download Instagram stories that works too but is somewhat more complex.

Next we give you the download link of this great app, which we hope will last a long time in the App Store:

Download InstDown