Appearance matters, even in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord


  • Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord seems to resemble life more than many might think – already in the Early Access phase, the developers implemented NPCs’ appearance preferences.
  • Getting a wife or husband may be easier depending on the appearance of the player.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a title that continues to surprise players. On the portal Reddit can be found post player with the nickname Cosmosknecht, in which he claims that the appearance in Bannerlor can help you find a mate. In his opinion, women have their own preferences regarding the appearance of a suitor.

Every lady in the game seems to have her own type of man. For example, Abagai and Phaea like their lords courting clean shaven and scarred, while Silvind and Liena prefer shaven and scarred men. In turn, the best girl – Yana – he likes men with thick beards and nasty scars. If the ladies like your looks, you will have to pass the persuasion test twice instead of three.

This seems to be confirmed by another thread on Reddit by user ClockworkSalmon, who He claims that changing his appearance not only made the lady of his heart kinder to him, but also changed his persuasion options (they also had a higher chance of success).

“I am simply not attracted to you”, or how ladies have appearance preferences from r / mountandblade

Ira likes bearded men

We decided to check whether these reports are true and play the role of the lord once again.

This is how my lord looks – I have him on my avatar too.

The appearance of the hero was to emphasize that he is a warrior – an ugly scar on the eye, a beard and longer hair. With such an apparition, our Lord went to his future wife – Ira – daughter of Rhagaea, ruler of the Southern Empire.

For now, courtship in Bannerlord has a fairly simple mechanics – you need to talk to the chosen one a few times, convince this character to yourself and offer a dowry to the senior of the family to which the person belongs. The first experiments were unsuccessful for the “appearance matters” theory. Unfortunately, the initial conversations were similar – no matter what the character looked like. This was the case until the last dialogue, which was:

In the upper screenshot, the hero proudly wore a beard, but at the bottom he no longer had it. To be sure, we repeated the attempt several times. It seems that appearance does matter. The character with the beard only had to pass the persuasion test twice, the one at the bottom three. This is symbolized by the number of dots above the conversation. It turns out that Ira likes bearded men, although having a hairy face did not seem to have any impact on previous conversations with the chosen one. We also did not notice any tangible impact on the percentages (as we can see above), although these, as we have already written, are another, more controversial topic.

Since the change of appearance worked for women, players impersonating female characters will also be able to encounter similar situations while adoring men, but we did not have a chance to check it out.

The mechanics above are obviously not something that would turn the game on its head, but it seems to work (at least to some extent). If it develops properly, it will definitely create something interesting (and maybe a basis for interesting mods). Judging by appearance could not only be used for courtship but also for persuasion tests on all characters. Although who knows if it does not matter at the moment – after all, the loyalty of vassals rides on a motley horse.

About the author:

I started my adventure with Bannerlord in the closed beta phase. Currently, the Steam counter shows me over 100 hours, although of course the actual time spent in the game is slightly less. I managed to found my own country and conquer quite a large part of the continent.

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