Apple blocked Steam’s new mobile gaming app

A few weeks ago, Valve announced that they would allow mobile games to be played via stream through the Steam Link application.

While Valve already offers a set-top box to perform this type of function, the ability to use its pre-existing router (as long as it meets certain specifications) was a major advancement and the kind of functionality that PC gamers of all stripes would enjoy.

However, as of now, it appears that that benefit will be reserved solely for Android users, as Apple refuses to approve Valve’s Steam Link app for iOS, and Valve isn’t sure what the reason is.

Valve has released a statement on the issue, saying:

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“On May 9, Valve released the app news. The next morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with the app’s guidelines that were allegedly not noticed by the original review team.”

It is unclear why Apple is refusing to accept the app or why it believes there is a conflict with Apple’s existing business. Apple does not have a device on which to play Steam games, nor has it discussed any such product publicly.

One thing is clear. In a world where 5G and next-generation wireless standards are paving the way for gigabit connections, why should gaming be limited to just the room where the hardware is physically located?

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Offering people the option of streaming games clears the way for more flexible hobby enjoyment and a greater range of configuration options. The future is here, and this Apple attack on Valve’s Steam Link isn’t going to change that.