Apple PAY arrives in Spain, secure payment from our iPhone

We can now pay with our iPhone, Apple Watch and other compatible devices, thanks to APPLE PAY.

Much was said, in its day, of the payment service through our iPhone. Many of us regret not being able to enjoy it since the day it was released in the US, 2 years ago. Finally, the Apple PAY. From yesterday, December 1, we will be able to use it in our country.

At the moment, only people with debit or credit cards from some entities are those who can enjoy it. Little by little more will be added to this service and its use will become more global. These are the ones that, at the moment, are compatible with this payment service of Apple…

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Apple PAY arrives in Spain, secure payment from our iPhone

At an ideal time is when this form of payment has been enabled in our country. Just when the Christmas campaign begins. They have had sight and they have done it with all the intention of the world.

Apple PAY arrives in Spain, secure payment from our iPhone

That you did not repair linking your cards. The person in charge of Apple PAY, Jennifer Bailey, comments that security is what differentiates, today, the payment with this service Apple. About this, he says the following …

“The card details are not stored by us, nor by the payment terminal, nor by the device with which you pay. Everything is encrypted and stored on a chip created by Apple for this function »

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In case of theft or loss of the mobile, comment that …

“Can be locked remotely. It can erase all the contents of the iPhone. Or you can unlink the card if you want or if you change iPhone »

And it clarifies that the data is not shared. The company with the bitten apple will not know where we buy, or the price, or the item or product purchased. All that information remains between the bank and the customer.


The devices that we can use to make this type of payment are …

  • iPhone: iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and above
  • Apple watch: Series 1 and Series 2, as long as they are linked to an iPhone 5 or higher
  • iPad: iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 and above
  • Mac: Mac (with MacOS Sierra) after 2012 paired with iPhone or Apple Watch or the new Macbook Pro with TouchID.
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With Apple PAY we can pay in establishments APPLE, Starbucks coffee shops, VIPS restaurants, GINOS…. Also at REPSOL, BP and CEPSA gas stations. LIDL and Carrefour supermarkets. Technology stores like MediaMarkt… But if there is one category of establishments that stands out above the rest, it is fashion.

Wishing we are to try Apple PAY.