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Apple removes another app at the request of Instagram

Apple removes another app at the request of Instagram

Apple has removed another app at the request of Instagram for violating the terms of use of the social network and, probably, even those of the app store.

We recently told you about an application related to Instagram removed from App Store for using data without consent or knowledge, and that allowed to “spy” on users. Well now Apple It has also removed another Instagram-related app from its app store.

The application we are talking about is called Ghosty and was present in the application store of Apple since October this year. But his journey through the app stores is over since Apple you have deleted it and it is no longer available.

This app to view private profiles was against Instagram TOS

This application boasted of allowing us to see all the profiles that we want including those that are private. But how could he do this? It did so by using the login API that Instagram makes available to developers.

In this way, whoever downloaded the app had to enter their Instagram access credentials and, in order to view the private profiles, they had to invite a friend, who also had to log in. So on, achieving a large user database.

Promotional image of the removed app

When logging into the app what was done was to know access to the app to all of the profile of Instagram. In this way, even private profiles were controlled. And, if a profile was consulted from the app, as long as you had logged into it, you could see it.

This means that not all private Instagram profiles could be seen, but only those who had logged into the app. But it was likely that many profiles were in the app, due to the obligation to register friends to view the profiles. Of course, these types of apps go against the Terms and Conditions of Instagram and, even, against those of the App Store. What do you think of this elimination?