Apply filters to photos, directly from WhatsApp

Filters have become a key when it comes to sharing images. No matter what platform we use, the filters are always there. But WhatsApp did not offer access to them, despite being one of the most used messaging services to share all kinds of content, images between them.

The platform is characterized by being in constant change. It always has a new update that includes improvements for the experience of its users.

Regarding the images sent by this means, it has tools to cut them, add stickers and make some other modifications. However, now, an update in Beta state also allows you to play with the filters of different shades.

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WhatsApp beta version 297

The Beta version of WhatsApp allows you to test the new features of the application before other users have access to them.

Its most recent update has the option to add filters to modify the images. The tool is available only in this version of Android, but we hope that the rest of the users will be able to access it soon.

… but with limitations

For the moment, it only has a few default filter options. They are not as varied as in other applications. In addition, they do not allow to regulate its intensity, an option that is present on Instagram, and that users of that social network enjoy to a great extent.

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However, it must be clarified that both applications are used for different purposes. Filters and their regulations can be a much more requested need by Instagram users, who constantly seek to publish a perfect capture.

Although, for now, there are not multiple varieties of filters to select from, we are sure that more options will be added very soon. This is a trial version. The final product, which the rest of the users will be able to enjoy, will undoubtedly bring with it more options for the benefit of all.

How do WhatsApp filters work?

You can use them in any image that you want to send through WhatsApp, be it a photo that you take from the application, or that you have saved on your smartphone. When you have selected it, WhatsApp will show you the image along with the retouching options that you can use, to make sure it is perfect when you send it. Finding yourself on that screen, you will have to swipe up to access the available filters.

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You can choose more than one, and play with them until you get the final look you want. As we mentioned before, this tool still has some limitations. But, once finished, we are sure that it will increase the quality of your images.

The Beta 298 version, the most recent version of this modality published by WhatsApp, does not have the filters. The reason is not known. But if you want to try them, be sure to download the Beta 297 version. If you start testing them right now, you will already be an expert in handling them when the general public has access to them.

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This update has been one of the most requested by WhatsApp users. In fact, it’s a bit strange that the app took so long to include it. Especially when filters have become such an important option in image communication.

Although the new WhatsApp filters may not offer a professional quality, they will be enough to modify and feel satisfied with the images shared through this medium.

The filters that are available so far are pretty basic. They include changing your images to black and white and modifying their contrast.