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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Patch 1.1.1 available today will add PC achievements

Today at 13:00 Polish time will debut update 1.1.1 of the game Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Depending on the platform, the patch weighs from 2-3 GB (on both PlayStation) to 6.45-7.5 GB (on PC and Xbox). The changelog is long, most of them fixes various bugs. Nevertheless, there was one novelty: support for Ubisoft Connect achievements on PC. Until now, “acki” were available only on consoles, but now you will also be able to get them on personal computers. Smaller (though important) additions include new accessibility options, such as the ability to translate in-game handwriting (e.g. letters) into speech.

However, if you ignore the above news, Title Update 1.1.1 will focus entirely on fixing various deficiencies. A lot of them concerned wrong side activities: misplaced (or absent) characters and loot, not receiving rewards for a mission or another task from a given storyline, and stuck in a boss fight. It will also remove the bugs with the black screen welcoming the player after the forge has been built and the inability to check the cows during the quest “Fiends from H**l”. In addition, the option to kill enemies in Vinlandia by throwing corpses at them has disappeared.

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There were also technical corrections. Ubisoft improved the game’s performance and eliminated a lot of graphical errors, such as poorly positioned textures, low resolution raven skins, or interface problems (for example, not displaying gods’ favor icons). The photo mode has also been improved, distorting children’s faces when zoomed in. There are also some flaws in the game mechanics, including whales trying to escape in the air after jumping out of the water and guards indifferently looking at setting fire to their kin with jars of oil. Additionally, fixed an issue introduced in patch 1.04 where some players could not use the fast travel system. The full list of changes made in Update 1.1.1 in English can be found on the official website of the game and on Reddit.

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