Auto-play videos on youtube change face

There is something new on the way regarding the automatic playback videos in YouTube for Android. Some users who have updated to the latest version of the beta channelv17.10.35, in fact, have noticed the presence of a novelty shortly after a video starts playing automatically.

Below the video in fact, new controls appear:

  • volume adjustment
  • subtitles
  • the icon to tag a video so you can watch it later
  • the icon for jump to the next video.

and you can access them settings by clicking on three dots found next to the video title,

The interesting thing is that when the video starts playing, the rest of the feed interface is dimmed to give it more prominence.

The move, which on the one hand may not be appreciated as focuses attention more on a video rather than lead to find out others as it would be obvious to do in video feedcould be part of a new YouTube strategy to fight TikTok.

9to5Google, Android Police