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Backup of WhatsApp chat history

Backup of WhatsApp chat history

I want to somehow restore my WhatsApp chat history, while the WhatsApp application no longer works. I had memory problems on my iPhone 5s (with iOS 10.2) and WhatsApp requested more memory to open the application. After deleting some photos, videos and applications, I have enough memory to open WhatsApp again, but it states that the chat history cannot be recovered and needs to be restored.

As soon as the recovery process starts, the application crashes and closes. I am still able to receive messages (at least I got notifications), but I cannot open the app. The application tells me to delete and reinstall it, but I’m afraid that I lose my chat history once the application is deleted.

I’ve never backed up my chat story (stupid, I know) and I’d really like to come back somehow. I have always backed up my iPhone to my pc (Windows) and have tried several backup extraction programs. They however only give me the saved media (photos, videos), but never conversation history.

What is the best option? Should I delete the application and restore my iPhone with a backup I made? Also how many back-ups do iTunes save, because I can only see one on my PC …