Best Android Cleaner Apps

How many times have we received the notice on our smartphone about running out of internal memory? And has it never happened, not even once, that our Android phone has been attacked by some strange malware?

Well, fortunately, some come to our aid apps developed to “clean” our devices – starting with the elimination of cache files or other data – and make them perform as before. Their use is not complicated at all, starting with those software already installed by default on your smartphone.

Before moving on to the guide on the best apps out there, it seems appropriate to advise users to be careful when downloading this type of software on the Play Store. In fact, these applications do not always perform their task in the best possible way and, therefore, turn out to be a bad luck rather than a fortune. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully check which apps we are about to install on our smartphone.

Best apps to clean Android 2022

  • Google files
  • SD Maid
  • Norton Clean
  • CCleaner
  • Avast Cleanup
  • Bitdefender
  • AVG
  • One Booster

Google files

Google Files is an application that allows you to control everything contained in the folders of smartphones and tablets. Among its options there is the one dedicated to cleaning the internal memory.

After starting the app, you need to go to the section “Junk files”click on “Confirm and free”. If, on the other hand, we ourselves want to select what to delete, just click on the button “View unwanted files”.

In “Free up more space” we can uninstall the apps we use less. Finally on “Large files” we can recover and delete the contents that take up more space on our mobile.

SD Maid

SD Maid is another application quite used to keep the device in order. It particularly focuses on the “leftovers” left behind by uninstalled applicationsas well as logs, crash reports and other unnecessary files.

In practice, SD Maid, once started and pressed on the “Scan” buttonallows you to intuitively search and delete many files, including:

  • Detect files belonging to apps removed from the device.
  • Get a detailed overview of the device memory.
  • Optimize databases.
  • Perform a real cleanup of applications by removing secondary files
  • Detect duplicates in images, music or documents, regardless of their name or location
  • Remove unnecessary files from the system.

Norton Clean

Norton Clean too it is an app quite used by android users. The software, in fact, allows you to clear the memory cache and residual files. Furthermore, the program helps to analyze and remove waste filesthus avoiding deleting important content.

Furthermore, allows you to identify rarely used apps, as well as uninstalling blotware and unwanted apps. Among other things, it also includes the option that allows you to move apps to the microSD, so as to free up additional space on the device’s internal memory.

User reviews on the Play Store are quite positive, though someone pointed out that what has been eliminated does not always appear clear.


When it comes to cleaning, we cannot fail to mention CCleaner (now owned by Avast), already “king” of the programs in this sense on Windows and Mac. The application for Android, moreover, performs the same functions already seen on the PC: elimination of unnecessary files, space recovery and system monitoring.

In particular, the app, once started, performs an analysis of the device and, at the end of the process, it will indicate the files that can be deleted and the space that could be recovered. The application searches for many files, including application cache, download folders, and browsing history. Furthermore, there is also the option that allows you to control the apps that consume data traffic and more batteryas well as constantly monitoring the presence of unnecessary elements, such as residual files.

Among other things, thanks to one of the latest updates, You can block running apps and suspend background apps until they are opened manually. Finally, in the specific section, the user can check various data related to the smartphone, including battery levels, temperature and CPU usage.

Avast Cleanup

As well as the famous antivirus for PCAvast Cleanup is a pretty effective app for the cleaning the cache and all those files that slow down Android devices. In fact, it deletes residual files and unused apps in an intuitive way.

After completing the scan, Avast Cleanup highlights anything that can be deleted and also provides tips on how to best clean up your phone. Among other things, it allows you to move everything you want to the cloud storage system thanks to the function “Transfer to the cloud”.

The application is free, however, to take advantage of more functions it is necessary to take out a subscription which costs 34.99 euros per year. In this regard, once activated, it allows you to use the app on up to 10 devices (including Android, Windows and Mac / iOS / ipadOS devices).

The premium features are varied, including:

  • Advanced photo optimization: Thanks to the comparison view you can check the optimized size and quality of the photos, to select the most appropriate settings for your needs.
  • Suspension appAllows you to temporarily suspend apps to extend battery life, save mobile data, clear memory and speed up your device
  • Automatic cleaning: You can set Cleanup to clean up regularly without interfering with your activities, to keep your device running smoothly.
  • Advertising removal– Remove ads from the Cleanup app.
  • Avast direct support: Contact Avast directly from the app for quick answers to your questions.


Another popular app is the mobile version of Bitdefender. In particular, the application protects devices from all online threats, including viruses and malware. Also, it recently added an option that allows you to detect link-based attacks from text messages and notifications: in practice it will defend users from scam attempts.

There is also web protection and monitoring on your accounts to see if they have been involved in data breaches. By the way, through Bitdefender it is possible make your IP anonymous and protect personal data in case we lose our mobile.

Finally, there is the opportunity that allows you to activate the function “Autopilot”, which offers security tips based on the use of the mobile device. As well as Avast, also in this case to take advantage of all the functions it is necessary to take out an annual subscription which costs 9.99 euros.


The mobile version of AVG also appears not infrequently on Android devices. The application allows you to protect your personal data and scan appsdeleting unnecessary files to free up space.

Furthermore, allows you to enable the location of the lost phone via Google Maps and to hide private photos in an encrypted archive. There is also the possibility to remain anonymous with the VPN and to scan Wi-Fi networks to detect any threats.

Finally, through the app, alerts for possible violations may be activated, among which:

  • Receive a warning about a possible data leak
  • Find out the details of each violation
  • Change compromised passwords.

One Booster

We conclude this guide with One Booster, one of the most popular applications for clear the app cache and junk files. The app, among its functions, also includes that of activating the intelligent energy savingas well as virtually constant virus protection.

Among its most important functions, therefore, we point out:

  • Removal of unnecessary and harmful files for the mobile phone
  • Free antivirus
  • Boost Mobile, which is a support to speed up the phone by freeing up RAM
  • Battery Saver, i.e. save battery power by hibernating running apps
  • CPU Cooler, i.e. cool the CPU temperature.

In the end, its interface is simple and intuitivethus helping each user to keep their device clean and tidy.