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Black screen on Moto G6: what to do?

Black screen on Moto G6: what to do?

Sometimes the Moto G6 screen goes black. This malfunction can occur under various conditions. Sometimes this happens right after the Moto G6 crashes. Other times, the screen remains black after a startup, crash, or sleep. Whatever happens, do not be alarmed, there are several tips to fix the black screen on your Moto G6. To do this, you need to check several things before trying out the different techniques. We will find out first to see if the Moto G6 screen goes black. Later we will discover all the solutions to be able to unblock this unpleasant black screen.

What to check when you have a black screen on Moto G6

Just before committing to the solutions, we recommend that you check the points below to better understand where the malfunction may come from. This will give you good information about the cause of the malfunction.

Is the LED on the Moto G6 on when the screen stays black?

One of the first things to check is the little LED above your screen. In fact, if the the led is red or blue when the screen of the Moto G6 stays black, it means that the mobile is well lit. In this situation, it is quite possible that the malfunction is due to the screen.

Is the Moto G6 charged?

Sometimes a deep battery discharge prevents the Moto G6 from turning on for a while. So make sure the Moto G6 is properly charged by leaving it plugged in for at least 1.5 hours. If the LED never comes on and the screen remains black, the malfunction may be caused by the battery.

Is the Moto G6 damaged?

In the event that the screen of the Moto G6 remains black after having received a shockafter having suddenly falls, after getting wet or broken, the screen is likely to be damaged. In this situation, none of the following solutions will work. In this case, you will need to return your Moto G6 to a convenience store.

What to do when the Moto G6 screen goes black?

After making sure that the malfunction is coming from the screen correctly, you should try the following solutions to unlock the black screen of your Moto G6. If one trick doesn’t work, you can continue with the next one.

Connect the Moto G6 to its charger

The first thing to do when the Moto G6 screen stays black is to charge the phone. This will allow you to be calm for all subsequent manipulations. This will also fix the problem of deep discharge of mobile battery.

If possible, remove the battery from the Moto G6

In the event that the Moto G6 is easily disassembled, we recommend that you remove the battery. This will sometimes resolve the black screen malfunction. Wait several seconds and then put the battery back and try to start the smartphone. If the screen is still locked, go to the next step.

Remove SIM card and SD card

Sometimes it is possible, without any reason, that the SIM card or SD card conflicts with the Moto G6 and causes a black screen. So one of the solutions to try is remove SIM card and SD card. Once this is done, you will have to try to restart the mobile. If this works, there is a conflict with the SIM or SD card.

Force restart the Moto G6

If the screen remains black, the malfunction will sometimes be resolved with a forced restart. To do this, you will need to keep pressing certain keys at the same time. Press and hold for at least 8 seconds for the forced reboot to run. The combination of the buttons may vary depending on the models, but it was supposed to be one of the following:

Wait until the battery runs out

Finally, in the event that none of the above alternatives work, you can try letting the battery die. So make sure the battery is completely empty. Once done, connect your Moto G6 to its charger and try to start the Moto G6.