Black screen on Sony Xperia Ace: What to do?

From time to time, the Sony Xperia Ace screen remains black. This problem can occur under different conditions. This often happens after the Sony Xperia Ace has been dropped. In other situations, the screen remains black after powering on, locking or sleeping. In any case, don’t panic, there are some tips to fix Sony Xperia Ace black screen. To do this, it is essential to check several things before trying different methods. We will first see what to check if the Sony Xperia Ace screen remains black. We will see in the second time all the solutions to be able to unlock this dirty black screen.

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What to check when you have a black screen on your Sony Xperia Ace

Even before starting the techniques, we recommend that you look at the following points to better understand where the dysfunction can come from. This will give you good information on the nature of the problem.

Is Sony Xperia Ace turned on when the screen turns black?

One of the first things to check is the little LED just above the screen. In fact when the led is red or blue When the Sony Xperia Ace screen turns black, the smartphone is turned on. In this case, the fault is most likely coming from the display.

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Is the Sony Xperia Ace charged?

Occasionally a deep battery drain prevents the Sony Xperia Ace from starting for a while. So make sure the Sony Xperia Ace is well charged by letting it charge for at least 1 hour. If the light ever comes on and the screen remains black, the fault may be due to the battery.

Is the Sony Xperia Ace damaged?

If the Sony Xperia Ace screen stays black after received a shock, after I had suffers a fall, After getting wet or cracking, the screen is likely to be damaged. In this case, none of the following solutions will work. Then you will need to take your Sony Xperia Ace to a store.

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What to do when the Sony Xperia Ace screen turns black?

Once you have verified that the fault is coming from the display, you can try the following tips unlock the black screen of the Sony Xperia Ace. When one technique doesn’t work, move on to the next.

Connect the Sony Xperia Ace to its charger

The first thing to do when the Sony Xperia Ace screen turns black is to charge the laptop. This will give you peace of mind for all the procedures below. This will also solve the possible concern of a deep discharge of the smartphone battery.

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When possible, remove the battery from the Sony Xperia Ace

If the Sony Xperia Ace is easy to remove, we recommend it remove battery. Sometimes this will solve the black screen glitch. Wait a few seconds, then reset the battery and try turning on the phone. If the screen is still locked, go to the next step.

Remove the SIM card and SD card

It often happens, without explanation, that the SIM or SD card conflicts with Sony Xperia Ace and triggers a black screen. Therefore, one of the solutions to try is remove SIM card and SD card. When you’re done, try turning on your smartphone. If it works, there is a conflict with the SIM or SD card.

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Force restart Sony Xperia Ace

When the screen goes black, sometimes it happens that the problem is solved with a forced reboot. To do this, you must continue to press several keys at the same time. You will need to wait at least 7 seconds for it to restart. Button combination may vary by model, but must be one of the following:

  • volume down button + power key
  • volume down key + home key + cough at home
  • volume key + power key
  • volume key + home key + home key
  • power key + home key

Wait for the battery to discharge

Finally, if none of the above solutions work, you can try letting your battery drain. So make sure the battery is completely discharged. When it is okay, connect the Sony Xperia Ace to the charger and try to turn on the Sony Xperia Ace.

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