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Bluetooth problem on HUAWEI P20

Bluetooth problem on HUAWEI P20

Bluetooth is a very good technology to connect devices to the HUAWEI P20 wirelessly. However, it is common for HUAWEI P20 to have Bluetooth connection problems. Whether you want to connect the HUAWEI P20 to a bluetooth speaker, your car speakers, or just your headphones, we’ll find out the technique to resolve any concerns. We will therefore discover in this text what are our tips to find out where the annoyance comes from and solve it. So the bottom line is that we are looking forward to the HUAWEI P20 Bluetooth. We will see later what can be done with your HUAWEI P20.

Steps to follow when you cannot connect your HUAWEI P20 via bluetooth

Pair HUAWEI P20 with your device

It happens regularly on some bluetooth devices that it is essential to pair it with the HUAWEI P20. So, to pair the two devices, you need hold for several seconds about him bluetooth button of the device you are looking to connect to the HUAWEI P20. There is often a slight noise as soon as the device enters pairing mode. When this task is complete, you should try to connect the HUAWEI P20. If that doesn’t work, you can continue to the next step.

Unpair the Bluetooth device from your HUAWEI P20

The first thing to do when you have a bluetooth connection failure with the HUAWEI P20 is to unpair the device you are trying to connect to. In this way, if the bluetooth device appears in the list of available bluetooth devices, you will have to unpair it. To do this, press and hold the device for several seconds. Dissociate. Then try to reconnect from the beginning.

Try another phone’s bluetooth

If that still doesn’t work, the problem may be with your bluetooth device and not with the HUAWEI P20. To verify this, you will only need to try to connect to a different mobile. If this is the case, then maybe HUAWEI P20 is the problem. Otherwise, the problem is with the device. Assuming you can connect with another smartphone, you can proceed to the next step.

Update the HUAWEI P20

It happens regularly that the HUAWEI P20 needs to be updated to fiddle with the phone’s bluetooth. And yes, that’s the kind of fix that comes with manufacturer updates. So do not hesitate to consult our guide to update the HUAWEI P20.

Reset HUAWEI P20

Finally, when there is really nothing to do and the bluetooth of the HUAWEI P20 still does not work, the correct combination is to restart the phone. By doing this, you should know that your HUAWEI P20 will reboot and you may lose your data. Feel free to read our tutorial to reset HUAWEI P20 in case you want to do it.

If absolutely nothing works

If none of the above tips work, we recommend that you bring the HUAWEI P20 back to the store. Indeed, an expert shop will know how little it will cost you to turn off your bluetooth.