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Bluetooth problem on Xiaomi Mi7

Bluetooth problem on Xiaomi Mi7

Bluetooth is a great technology to connect devices to your Xiaomi Mi7 wirelessly. But, it often happens that one is worried about connecting to the bluetooth of the Xiaomi Mi7. Whether it’s to pair the Xiaomi Mi7 with a bluetooth speaker, your car station, or just your headphones, we’ll take a look at how to resolve any concerns. So we will see in this text, what are our tips to identify the problem and solve it. So we will first see what you should check from the point of view of the bluetooth of the Xiaomi Mi7. We will see later what can be done with your Xiaomi Mi7.

What to do in case you cannot connect your Xiaomi Mi7 to bluetooth

Pair the Xiaomi Mi7 with your device

In several bluetooth devices it may happen that it is essential to pair it with the Xiaomi Mi7. Therefore, to pair the two devices, you must hold for a few seconds about him bluetooth button of the device you are looking to connect to the Xiaomi Mi7. Usually, a mini noise appears once the device enters the pairing mode. When this manipulation is complete, you can try to connect your Xiaomi Mi7 again. If that doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Unpair the Bluetooth device from the Xiaomi Mi7

One of the first things to do when you have a bluetooth connection malfunction with your Xiaomi Mi7 is to unpair the device you are trying to connect to. So if the bluetooth device appears in the list of available bluetooth devices, you need to unpair it. To do this, press and hold the device for a few seconds and select Dissociate. Then try to repeat the connection from the beginning.

Try with the bluetooth of another mobile

If this still does not work, the problem is probably with your bluetooth device and not with the Xiaomi Mi7. To check it, you just have to try to connect with another mobile. If it works, it is because the malfunction is from the Xiaomi Mi7. Otherwise, the malfunction comes from the device. If you ever want to connect to another device, go to the next step.

Update the Xiaomi Mi7

It may be necessary to update the Xiaomi Mi7 to repair the bluetooth of the mobile. In fact, this is the type of correction that is made in the updates provided by the brands. So do not hesitate to consult our guide to update the Xiaomi Mi7.

Restart the Xiaomi Mi7

Finally, if there is absolutely nothing to do and the bluetooth of the Xiaomi Mi7 does not work, then the appropriate combination is to reset the mobile. While doing this, keep in mind that your Xiaomi Mi7 will be reset to factory settings and you may lose your data. Feel free to read our tutorial to reset Xiaomi Mi7 in case you want to do it.

if nothing works

In the event that none of the above methods work, we recommend that you bring your Xiaomi Mi7 back to the store. Indeed, a specialized store may not be able to track your bluetooth.