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Blurred photos on Wiko Jerry 3: what to do?

Blurred photos on Wiko Jerry 3: what to do?

Sometimes it is not necessary to explain that the photos of the Wiko Jerry 3 come out blurry. It is a frankly annoying malfunction, since it prevents us from taking pretty pictures. In fact, it is difficult to take a proper photo if the image is completely blurred. Don’t panic, our team may be the solution for you. Actually, having blurry photos on your Wiko Jerry 3 does not mean that the camera is dead. There are some alternatives to rabibocher this and we will see them in this post. We will first see what to look for when Wiko Jerry 3 photos are blurry. Then we will see the settings that can be made to prevent the Wiko Jerry 3 photos from looking blurry.

What are the solutions when the Wiko Jerry 3 camera is blurry?

These are the things that you will need to do if the camera of your Wiko Jerry 3 is blurry. If a step doesn’t work, just continue to the next one.

Clean the lens of the Wiko Jerry 3

This is usually the first thing to look at if your photos are blurry. Undoubtedly, from time to time it happens that dirt or moisture make the photo of the Wiko Jerry 3 look blurry. Therefore, we suggest that you dust the camera lens with a slightly moistened cotton swab. Be sure to clean it before trying again.

Check the photo resolution of the Wiko Jerry 3

Sometimes Wiko Jerry 3 images may look blurry because the resolution is too low. To verify this, make an appointment in your camera app. When you’re there, come in Settings then in Resolution. When you’re at it, you should check if the resolution isn’t at the minimum. If so, set it to maximum.

Adjust focus to avoid blur

The fact that the image is blurry may be due to a focus problem. To solve this, you need to go to the application Camera for Wiko Jerry 3 then on focus mode. Once you are there, you need to select the mode auto focus. Assuming macro mode is enabled, this indicates that the malfunction is coming from there.

Change the photo application Wiko Jerry 3

In the event that 0 of the tips seen above do not work, this may reveal that the malfunction is due to the Camera app. In practice, the Wiko Jerry 3 Camera app often produces blurry shots. There is no reason for that, but we have a solution. It will be stupidly necessary to change the application. To do this, it’s super easy, just download one from the Google Play Store.

What to do when Wiko Jerry 3 photos are blurry

In the event that none of the above tips work and the photos are blurry, it is likely that the malfunction is due to the Wiko Jerry 3’s camera. In this case, the proper solution is to take the laptop back to the store. When possible, we suggest that you run the guarantee. If it’s not feasible, go see a repairman.