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Booking Nothing Phone (1) with WindTre is already possible

Booking Nothing Phone (1) with WindTre is already possible

Following the official announcement made a few days ago, we know the expected in all its details Nothing Phone (1)the smarpthone launched on the market by the company founded by Carl Pei.

We also know that the device will be marketed in Italy at the launch price that starts at € 499. Now we understand how to proceed with the pre-order with WindTre, the only operator in Italy that has the new Nothing Phone (1) in its catalog.

Through the official website of WindTre it is in fact already possible reserve Nothing Phone (1), for combine it in installments to one of the offers proposed by the operator. Specifically, you can book the smarpthone until July 20, by entering your data and the point of sale to which you want to refer. Starting from 21 July those who have booked it will be summoned for collection.

Let it be clear that not everyone will receive it on July 21, you have to understand the availability of the device for our market, and for WindTre authorized sales points.

Nothing Phone (1) with WindTre can be combined with the following offers:

In addition to those seen, it will be possible to combine Nothing Phone (1) in installments even with offers with a permanence constraint equal to 24 months. Furthermore, for WindTre customers it will be possible to buy the smartphone at promotional rates: we are talking about 12.99 euros more per month for those who have activated Limited Edition and 15.99 euros more per month for others.

For more details we suggest you to consult the official WindTre website, where you will find all the tariff combinations available for the purchase of Nothing Phone (1).