But does Nothing Phone (1) really look like iPhone 12?

The design of Nothing Phone (1) is no longer a mystery: the company has published an image that shows us the back cover of the smartphone in all its original splendor, after having glimpsed it just yesterday in an official promotional video.

Just like with the Ear (1) earphones, we have a transparent designwhich shows what is inside the body, but don’t expect to see the processor, storage and other components, because they are all masked in more or less geometric shapes.

Look at the original file

Look at the original file

Besides the transparency, there are no particular elements. The two rear cameras they are stacked one below the other, without details distinctive elements. In short, if we dyed the rest of the body white we would find ourselves in front of a smartphone rather anonymouswhich even some have compared to iPhone 12.

Personally I do not see all this similarity, or at least not necessarily with the iPhone (of smartphones with two rear cameras in that way the world was full, especially in past years – now at least 3 are out of fashion), but to bring up When it comes to Android smartphones, Apple has always been a easy way to argueno?