Can Siri play a recent iTunes radio station without an Apple Music subscription?

I have an old iPad 2 and an iPhone 4s. The time has come for me to upgrade from iOS 7, so I started with the iPad. I’ve seen that the Music app has changed, and the Radio section doesn’t show my stations like it used to, it just has them in a big “Recent” list. I currently use Siri on my iPhone 4s to play from my stations. Would I still have this ability with iOS 9?

Note: This was originally asked before Apple closing iTunes Radio for non-subscribers.

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It seems you can still play iTunes radio stations from Siri. From what I understand, you are correct in your observation that you can no longer view all stations outside the “Recently Played” section, but Siri can create both new and existing stations.

I’ve tried playing / creating stations through Siri a few times on my iPhone 6+ running iOS 9, with these results:

When I tried to play an Owl City radio station I had previously created and it said, “Play my Owl City station on iTunes Radio,” it played Beats 1. But that worked (and created a new Owl City station. )

To make sure things were working the way I thought them, I also tried playing a Taylor Swift station I had recently created. This time, she played the station without creating a new one.

Unfortunately, you can’t just say, “Play my newest radio station” and wait for you to play your newest station. Instead, in my experience, jump to Beats 1, what Siri calls “his favorite radio station.” You can see the Music app playing it in the background thanks to Siri’s new trasshiny look.

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