Google’s Files app updates: finally the default choice of apps

In the Android smartphone sector, one of the fundamental apps to use on every device is the file manager. The apps useful for managing all the files on the device are now integrated into all operating systems in the stock version. Files is the file manager that Google has developed and implemented for all Android users. It is a file manager that also offers smart functionality that go beyond just managing files locally, like the one for automatically free up memory by deleting unnecessary or duplicate files. In the last...

Google can’t keep the Pixel 7 to itself: new details on Tensor 2 and display

At the I / O in May Google had surprised everyone announcing previewed his Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and, while not revealing much of the devices, he gave the impression of wanting to get his hands on in front of the historical leaks. Apparently without success. The events of the Google phones before the announcement, the most famous is about the Nexus 4 forgotten in the bar, but lately the big G has outdone itself. First there was the Pixel Watch forgotten in a restaurant (and promptly grabbed by...

Google TV is finally truly multi-user

When announced, Google TV represented a breath of fresh air in the now stale world of Android TV and Play Movies: a new interface with functions of aggregator for different services such as Netflix or Prime Video. The new app had been launched with the new Chromecast with Google TV, which greatly developed the concept of Chromecastdespite its flaws. In our review, we had noted the numerous positives of the new experience, including broad AI support multimedia content and setting interfaceboth at the level of graphics that of presentation rational...

The Google password manager arrives on the Android home

For several years now, too Google offers a password manager to its users: it is essentially a software that saves all access to websites or applications (therefore username and password) and therefore allows the user to access a specific service quickly, without entering the credentials each time. The Google password manager is obviously available on Chromethe company’s browser, via the web app and also on the Android smartphone. On Android in particular, the password manager gives the best of himself: in fact, it is enough to authenticate with unlocking by...
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